Our Dysfunctional World

Storming the power base of evil in all its manifestations is my primary reason for writing. However, getting to the core of these enigmas means, we must approach these matters in ways that have never been attempted before. In affect, we must let go of our certainties and beliefs, because nothing is what we thought it was. All is illusion!

Slaughter field insanities

The amount of people and numbers of innocent fellow creatures that have died in our secular and religious wars over the last three thousand years is in the countless hundreds of millions and continues unabated. There is an ungodly insanity about this, no matter how much we pretend otherwise.

Tribal imprinting

The causes are staring us in the face. All cultures have remained burdened with the same old tribal governing methodologies and every populace whether in calm or unsettled conditions, still follow the general patterns and ways of expressing themselves as did their tribal ancestry.

The eternal pyramid

Tribal governance in the making is configured rather like that of a pyramidical board game and, is still playing out in all cultures. The arrangement comes together in such a way, that it ensures preferable achievability to that of its murkiest board piece in its scramble for top position through other vying elements. In addition, similarly disposed but lesser pieces on the arrangement, scrabble for their achievable levels down through the grades, until finally bottomed out to its layers of protective cohort components. Such are the perverse tribal patterns, (redressed to suit the occasion) that have fuelled oppression and the worlds killing fields endlessly through time.

The eternal mirages

Furthermore, the reason that both theology and utopian ideologies have also been such killing machines is because, exactly the same pyramid arrangements and psychological propensities run those institutions and no such institution was going to install checks and balances that would constrain their own underhand activities. What we do not change comes around again!

A fitting analogy

If a cake is spoiled because its ingredients are corrupted, then making a different style of cake with the same ingredients is going to achieve another spoiled cake and, mankind’s history is awash with ‘spoilt cakes’.

Truth lives in forbidden places

For the understanding of our dysfunctional aspects, I use a mechanical analogy, implying that the sum of our cognitive aspects should run smoothly like the mechanisms and cogs of a finely tuned timepiece. Its dysfunctions occur from our meddling, taking out a rational here and there that we don’t like, adding some fiction and calling them facts. This machine is in serious need of repair! More to the point, the most critical aspects that have been expunged from mankind’s mental machinery are its metaphysical features. It is this incomplete position that ensures all future hopes and achievements will continue to be flawed.

Circa trova

The repression of mankind’s metaphysical nature is the overriding reason why slaughter is so habituated within our nature. It is for this reason we must open that long locked and bolted door into metaphysics that conventionalism strives so hard to keep shut. It follows of course, that the supernormal, unsettles people’s comfort zones. I must nevertheless remain with objectivity, no matter the problems that may follow.

The journey then moves us to the images on my book cover in which, one of those images is seen standing within the Edenic place of the Supra ordinate (God) that had been plundered. The other image, (molecular man) is an androidal creation and proxy of that plunderer. These two opening figures represent the major elements within a vast happening that had been contrived by an abstract predatory influence.

Across eons of time and application, this dark abstract entity had finally gained its manipulative abilities upon universal potentials and through which, it had then achieved something profoundly evil; something that would emerge into what we now refer to as, particle physics. It was by such means, that the creation of its physical universe became achievable. This transmutation came also upon the ‘Ethereal person’ and fellow creatures that had been plundered from their Edenic place. It was through this process, that all angelic ethereality became replicated (androidal) within molecular confinement upon the physical world.

Beneath our perceptual ‘radar’

This androidal reforming of the human species upon a physical Earth had been a critical need for the futuristic goals of the malevolent ‘thought-form’ entity and by which, androidal mankind would then remain in service as its physical proxies on Earth. In furtherance to this, the androidal mind had been compartmentalized into two areas, whereby the android’s available conscious, living normality awareness’s, those of general needs and amenable possibilities (A zone), were separately framed.

Initialising the work force

The over arching, secondary area to this mental configuration (B zone) was the emotional aspect; this zone was under ‘thought-form’ directive for the manipulative orchestrations of its androidal human work-force. This (B zone) content had been arranged towards a general, collective diversification of all its android subjects and accomplished by means of induced psychological proclivities. Through this process the controller personality was achieved. Other proclivities were also induced that would generate the disposition of follower personalities (the primary ingredients and dynamics for conflict).

The controller personality

I must now expose some of those seemingly unnoticed, thus unaddressed (B zone) happenings that are darkly at work beneath the hubbub of life’s general needs and distractions. For this exercise we already have a palpable indicator of ‘shadow-entity’ surrogacy at work. This shadow proclivity was featured during 2004 in an international science periodical and national papers stating. ‘There is a predator in society, it is a psychopath, it is always looking for feeding grounds and represents about one percent of every population’. In the UK this is about 680,000.

The science of psychology further informs us. ‘These are primarily found in politics, law, theology and business, where ever there is power or influence.

The lobotomising narratives

History states very clearly that the controller personality is also the architect of population management and does so, by means of its theological and ideological fabrications and is author of every war.

The follower personality

Continuing with the dark underlying generality of things and with the ‘Follower’ still observed through its surrogated role, we can then see the ‘Follower’ in its truer picture – a ‘work-force’ of multifunctional usage. One such use being that of a revenue generator and by which, ‘Controller’ institutions are then empowered. It is then, from such establishments that all ‘dark-future’ achievements have been conducted throughout history. The most damming indictments against these Citadels are those exponential leaps of the dark technology that they create – achieving this through the warfare usage of its ‘follower’ work forces.

There is of course an end game to all of this that will come increasingly into play, through the ever faster automation and replication of all our former abilities and selves. The advent of those new ‘Selves’ will indicate the final arrival of the dark entity having finally achieved its transmutation out of abstract and into physical form. The king is dead–Long live, the King!

A molecular virtual reality

Even our ‘reality’ science of quantum physics is placing us on that same ‘virtual reality’ track. Science has its periodic table of just over one hundred atoms of differing values. Each variety of atoms has a positive nucleus, containing its particularised proton/neutron family. Around these nucleus arrangements spin their shells of negative electrons. By this process they are electrical generators; it’s an electrical world!

It is then, by the way in which these differing value atoms become arranged together in the formation of molecular structures that produces all that is animate and all that is inanimate. A very mechanical world!

Dual-dimensional ‘man’

With every creature being a molecular replication of what was once ethereal, it therefore follows that all varieties of meat or vegetable, by which the android person sustains itself; are just differing styles of molecular constructs. All is illusion!

Quantum science has inadvertently handed us some further evidence by which, we may now view the misnomer ‘natural death’ in its proper context. Dying; is when the particle matrix ‘shelf-life’ of our android body is finally losing its bonds of connectivity. It is this phenomenon that causes the unshackling of its ethereal person.

What then, of our angelic ethereal person? The answer to that enigma is dependant upon several factors. Firstly, that the intimate connective arrangement to the android, invariably leaves the ‘passed-on’ ethereal person, having retained some mindset aspects of its former possessor. This mindset infliction then acts as an impulse by which all such ethereal people are collectively absorbed within a kind of affable, limbo retention arrangement. It is from this holding arrangement that the term, ‘reincarnation’ comes into play, whereby all mind-set ethereality recycles back into further android entrapment. By this process, android planetary numbers (the work force) can continue to expand.

In a different way, the mental framing of all natural world creatures have no such impositions placed upon them beyond that, of their natural world needs. Therefore, the minds of fur, feather and scale are pristine and do not reincarnate back to physicality. It is for this reason that the numbers of creatures in the wild, continue to diminish under the onslaught of excessive predation.

The case strengthens

In the Tibetan book of the dead, there are mantras that monks chant to the dying person. This disengages the person’s mind from its emotional mindset anchors. Without this cleansing of the mind, its ethereal person would have returned again into android reincarnation. Therefore, it is only the pristine mind that can wing direct to its Edenic home place.

The pristine mind

It should also be mentioned, that the purpose of the genuine angelic guiding dream that some people experience, is to cleanse the mind into an enhanced condition of conscious awareness. This is the foremost function of the supernatural.

Our metaphysical person

Having shown the unhappy outcomes of android entrapment, we should now view the other side of the picture – our ethereal self (the person within). This inner person talks to us or, should I say, tries to but, with little success because its attempts are always curbed by the ‘dark-entity’ proxies (the android self).

There is a twofold phenomenon at work here. Firstly, we focus on the ‘android person that is exhibiting extensive paranormal activity. This happening indicates that this android’s, ethereal aspect is managing to vanquish the over-lording of its android counterpart. It is for this reason (of losing control), that the dark android selves carry such a compulsion, to inflict scorn and enmity upon those who express paranormal activity.

Helping God out of confinement

Psychic manifestations in all places throughout all time have one thing in common. Collectively, they are driving home the same single message, indicating that the psychic undermining of the androidal mindsets was, the only process by which to unbridle ethereal man. As I have previously indicated, this has already been accomplished in a few rare cases, where the ethereal self has managed to enforce a condition of enhanced conscious awareness upon its android. This then exemplifies the angelic process of android disempowerment.

The question arises

A moot point; how can I possibly make so many factual statements upon a subject dismissed by most people: The answer is, that virtually every variety of paranormal activity has manifested itself objectively through me and, many times in the presence of independent witnesses. As a result of so much solid evidence, I not only take this metaphysical science seriously, I also reason further. For example, when one person has experiences that make a mockery of the laws of physics (and there have been many, this means we must also accept that there are other laws that are complimentary and latent within us all. The laws I refer to, are those of meta-physics and as such, they cannot be discarded as a quirk happening to the occasional person here and there.

Because paranormal activity is dialogue, I therefore made efforts to understand its wider meanings. Eventually it began responding pictorially by means of lucid teaching dreams. These dreams then reinforced the evidence of their divine origin through those of prophetic strategic significance. It was by these means that I was given healing abilities in a dream, which became a reality the very next day in front of witnesses.

In another ‘dream’ in 2010, I was very clearly informed that the New York Eastern Seaboard would suffer a catastrophic event in 2012. Hurricane Sandy struck that coast in 2012 and its impact was catastrophic.

Four weeks before the Brexit referendum, my lucid dream indicated clearly that the result would be Britain leaving the European Union.

I could fill many pages with this kind of phenomena but it’s already in my books.

Bringing God from the wilderness

I have hunted down the greatest and most deeply buried secret of all times but by doing so, fell prey to that which buried it (the evil entity I have earlier described). This entity and I have clashed many times throughout my life. Death and malevolence tracks my footsteps. However, there is an angelic influence that always intercedes at the most critical moments. At times these have been independently witnessed.

There is much more of this remarkable activity, now recorded in my (free to download) books: ‘Storming the Citadel’ and ‘The Cassandra Syndrome’, they can be opened on ‘Bookrix’.


Genuine psychic activity is not in anyway, to be confused with the plethora of charlatan activity that is commonly at work; this kind of activity is the androidal mind at work in purposeful distraction, away from the genuine psychic phenomena that can undermine it.